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Wikipedia article, commons category this category lists works related to the yazidi, a fringe sect that mixes abrahamic faiths with zoroastrianism, and are considered to worship the traditional devil, whom they believe was righteously guided and lacking in evil. The al jilwahyezidi scriptures free download as pdf file. The yezidis live further to the west, in northwest iraq, eastern turkey. The ones i know of are mostly kurds, but there are yezidis of other ethnicities also, according to various sources. Beliefs and cosmology yazidis believe that the world was created by god, who entrusted it to seven angels led by one known as the peacock angel, also called melek taus. Receive that that is dictated, and do not carry it before those who are without, jews, christians, moslems, and others.

For centuries, the yezidi peoples of kurdistan have been practicing their mysterious religion in secret, despite endless persecution and false accusations of devilworship. For centuries, the yezidi peoples of kurdistan have been practicing their mysterious religion in secret, despite endless persecution and false accusations of devil. There is a major debate on what the correct label for the yezidi language is and some of it is motivated by politics. The stories of zoroasters miracles might be known among the yazidis although they have no historical value. It seems that, also like the mandaeans, yazidis have often told outsiders what they want to hear. Book of revelation yezidi holy books devil worship.

The al jilwahyezidi scriptures adam and eve revelation. This book collects significant scriptures in the yezidi religion. They have many unique beliefs, such as that the first yezidi were created by adam by parthenogenesis separately from eve. Scholars have discerned elements resembling those of the manichaean, zoroastrian, mandaean gnostic, jewish, christian especially nestorian, and muslim especially sufi traditions, but there is no evidence that the yezidi religion represents an offshoot of any one of them.

All scriptures and texts that they have are also in kurdish. Sacred scriptures ritualscelebrations sacred places references scriptures there is two scriptures kitab aljalwa the book of revelation. From oral to written categories, transmission, scripturalisation and canonisation. Yezidi holy scripture by yezidi ezdistan movement books to read online. The organizations of yezidi kurds in 1988, the yezidi kurds formed an organization called runai that existed from 1988 to 1998. Murugans identity as one of seven angelic beings is manifest within some hindu scriptures that refer to him as sanat kumara, the leader of the seven kumaras.

The black book meshaf i resh portada yezidis jimdo page. Buy the yezidi scriptures deluxe edition by ingrid white ebook online at lulu. Hence in a community where literacy had for centuries been considered a great sin. Pdf earlier scholars such as franz cumont 1903 thought that. Yezidis from basheeq and bahzan towns in iraq speak aramaicarabic as their mother tongue. Studies in oriental religions edited by wassilios klein. Another important character of yezidi society is the oral character of the tramsmission of faiths and traditions. When adam was made, god told the archangels to bow to him, but melek tawus refused. The yezidis also spelled yazidis may not show up on a peoples list, because they are a religious sect. Moreover, a loaf of bread must be broken over her head as a sip to her that she must love the poor and needy. Yezidi article about yezidi by the free dictionary. You have the chance to see and think about the beliefscreeds this ancient people.

Scriptural truths are close for those seeking and humble to yahuahs whisper, yet far for those wandering in darkness. A rendition of the sacred traditions of the kurdish yezidi people of southern kurdistan iraq. The bulk of the yazidi population lives in southern kurdistan northern iraq, where they make up an important iraqi minority community. Khanna omarkhali the yezidi religious textual tradition. Later they set up a society of the kurdish citizens of georgia that became a union of the yezidis of georgia in 1998. The chief sheikh is chosen from among the descendants of the previous chief and is regarded as the chief authority on spiritual matters and the interpretation of the yezidi scriptures. Yezidis people armenia travel, history, archeology. The yezidi scriptures deluxe edition by ingrid white.

Musafir from the land of syria, and he shall come and dwell in lalesh. About 15 miles east of the syrian border, yezidi, members of a religious sect numbering probably fewer than 1 million worldwide, sit atop the small iraqi mountain range of sinjar. The yezidi devil worshippers of iraq there have been many conflicting articles concerning the yezidi devil worshippers of iraq. Relations between the yezidi minority and the armenian state. I exercise dominion over all creatures and over the affairs of all who are under the protection of my image. The yezidi sound like the stuff of legend, or 19thcentury novels a people who live in the remote mountains at the borders of turkey and iraq, and pray to the fallen angel christians and muslims call satan, because they believe he was forgiven by god and reinstated in. The yezidi scriptures kitab aljilwa the book of revelation chapter i. But we, the yezidi sect, believe this not, for we know that he is one of the abovementioned seven gods.

It is now widely suspected that both volumes were compiled by nonyazidis. Yezidi scriptures i failed to see what was so sacred and jilwaj keeping a secret. Two short books, kitab aljilwah book of revelation and maafrash black book, form the sacred scriptures of the yazidis. Most gnostic scriptures providing an account of the crucifixion follow a do cetist. Overall, a nice addition for a lay reader or new ager but better as a rough guide to better works for students. Versions from 1895, 1853, 1090, and 1911 are included, culled from academic treatments from those years. Whosoever does contrary to this commandment is an infidel. None of us is allowed to utter his name, nor anything that resembles it. Several versions of these scriptures are featured in this collection. This point cannot be neglected when studying on the yezidi society. The gnosis and tragedy of the yezidi aeon byte gnostic radio. Pdf the serpent symbolism in the yezidi religious tradition and. Yezidi religious textual tradition are studied here for the first time, and the work provides a comprehensive or nearcomprehensive survey and analysis of the mech anisms of the transmission and reception of the tradition by its followers. The scriptures which are in the hands of strangers, even though they were written by prophets.

That is, although they may represent yazidi beliefs, they are not actually the sacred scriptures of the yazidis. The yezidi believe god created melek tawus, who was the first of seven archangels that he made before adam. The yazidi book of revelation is one of two books on the yazidi religion written in the style of a holy book in the kurmanji dialect of the northern kurdish language, the other being the yazidi black book mishefa res in kurdish. Pdf public and academic interest in the yezidis, their religion and. The yazidi book of revelation is one of two books on the yazidi religion written in the style of a. Please consider this a lighthouse or a safe haven of scriptural truths toward walking the ancient path, guided by both the living turah and the written turah. This is similar to beliefs of some ancient gnostics that god, being purely good, had to create a set of intermediaries, the aeons. Murugan or tawsi melek are names for the cosmic energy that created the universe out of itself, as well as the savior who, like the cock, heralds the end of humanitys darkness. This was done, first of all, by means of oral tradition, and afterward by means of. Sufi influence and imagery can be seen in the religious vocabulary, especially in the terminology of the yazidis esoteric. Christianity, integral philosophy, and politics yazidis and the original religion of the near east the horrific bombing in the kurdish regions around kirkuk death toll estimates currently at 400 targeted the yazidis, a smallish kurdish but nonmuslim sect. In reality, they worship melek taus, the benevolent peacock angel, alongside a host of other celestial beings and prophets. It is believed they are descendants of the assyrians who sought refuge after the fall of nineveh in 612 bce. Aal, therefore, does not teach them, nor does he visit them.

This office is changeable from generation to generation, that the ruler of this world and his chiefs may discharge the duties of their respective offices every one in his. Heres what you should know about the yazidis oftmisunderstood religious beliefs. The christian and yezidi genocide subcommittee on africa, global health, global human rights, and international organizations hearing december 9, 2015 excerpts of remarks chairman chris smith each day, our newspapers, magazines, radios and television screens are filled with. Healing practices among the yezidi sheikhs of armenia.

Full text of yezidi texts see other formats stop early journal content on jstor, free to anyone in the world this article is one of nearly 500,000 scholarly works digitized and made freely available to everyone in the world byjstor. The yezidis have a distinctive religious system, the origins of which remain unclear. Refer to some of the linked websites at the end of this article. One yezidi has declared to me that all yezidis are kurds. No yezidi may sleep with his wife on the night the morning of which is wednesday, and the night the morning of which is friday. Yezidi holy scripture by yezidi ezdistan movement doc. This scripture is significant to the yezidi religion due to the fact, it states a very important declaration. I am ever present to help all who trust in me and call upon me in time of need.

Yezidism is a minority religion that is largely based on tradition rather than scripture. Yazidi or yezidi middle eastern religious community whose beliefs incorporate elements of zoroastrianism zoroastrianism, religion founded by zoroaster, but with many later accretions. The yazidi religious centre and object of the annual pilgrimage is the tomb of sheikh. This report focuses on the yazidi community, one of the largest minority groups in iraq, and their. The yezidi are a kurdishspeaking people that mostly live in northern iraq. A woman can never function as sheikh, regardless of her caste. Scriptures zoroastrianisms scriptures are the avesta or the zend avesta pahlavi avestalaw, zendcommentary. Yezidi holy scripture by yezidi ezdistan movement ebook pdf download. There is nothing in the sources to indicate this, nor ascribe to zoroaster the books attributed to him by our yazidi friend. The preeminent deity among the yezidi is melek tawus, the peacock angel. Iran and the caucasus 15 2011 4972 the serpent symbolism in the yezidi. Yezidi scriptures the akhkharianism online library. The uniqueness of the yezidi concept of the nation find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate.

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