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Author of the best selling book trading in a nutshell, 4th edition, stuart mcphee has personally coached high net worth traders all over the world. Metastock oracle traders metastock software experts. Metastock is an online stock analysis software with data provided by datalink that was created to help traders make more informed trading decisions via their powerful tools and advanced charting abilities for trading in stocks, options, futures, commodities, forex. Metastock australia customers are offered a one on one computer based demonstration of metastock and its tools,we also provide assistance where required. Having the oracle 7 addon means new metastock users can start running. Specifically designed for day traders, metastock rt powered by xenith is among the worlds more powerful private trader platforms. When referencing these symbols in a chart for example, you will get data from metastock. If you want to use software for share market analysis then it really provides the best insight to online trader. The following information has not been updated by the vendor since 100214. Metastock has been providing awardwinning charting and analysis tools for the selfdirected trader for over 30 years. Having the oracle 7 addon means new metastock users can start running quality searches on the asx within minutes of installing the software. Metastock traders kit metastock 17 dc metastock australia. Oracle forex trading system forex strategies forex.

Capitalizing on technical analysis, our line of trading software and market data are designed for active traders of all levels so they can backtest, scan and analyze the markets with confidence. Nisons candlesticks unleashed for metastock software trade oracle for metastock software ice 2. Metastock free trial, metastock 14, metastock chartsview. Metastock allows you to use your own trading strategy. Error in connecting to metastock database trading software.

I have attached a c header which we use for reading metastock in all three versions master, emaster, and the newer xmaster format for more than 255 files. Highly customizable, metastock rt contains powerful analysis tools to help you make informed decisions about what to buy and sell and when to execute to be as profitable as possible. For me, trading without metastock would be like riding one of my motorcycles blindfolded. Filter by license to discover only free or open source alternatives.

Optionsoracle is free tool for stock options trading strategy analysis, built for. Optionsoracle download free tool for stock options trading. Metastock 17 is a fullfeatured, professionallevel charting stock software program. When you add metastock files in download external database, you can tell quantshare to add metastock symbols to your database. Are any of them necessary for someone who is an active trader of stocks, futures, options and 4x. Any qualified trader or hedge fund all around the world is not guessing which specific stocks to purchase, they are not utilizing chaotic spreadsheets, they are not taking any tips from their fellow citizen, and they are utilizing expert, speciallybuilt metastock trading. Because this trial offer is free, then you risk nothing to see what you can gain by downloading the metastock demo for real time traders. The oracle move indicator blue line cut above the red line and at the same. Metastock videos oracle traders metastock software experts. Metastock by equis is a software program that is designed to help you make better decisions about when to buy and sell in the stock, forex, futures, and commodities markets 2. Did you know that less than 50% of young adults in the united states have invested in the stock market.

Justine pollard has created a maximising metastock online video course to assist other traders in getting metastock setup and streamlined. Oracle traders customers purchase with peace of mind knowing your best interests are our priority. The zip file also includes a text file with conversion routines for converting the microsoft basic format. Metastock metastock is the worlds most powerful technical analysis software for traders and investors. Metastock metastock in singapore charting and trading. The best stock analysis software and strategy tools in. His practical, timesaving strategies have been distilled into his exclusive new metastock addon trade launcher. Metastock daily charts and refinitiv datalink is the perfect solution for end of day traders metastock has been rated the number 1. Xenith metastock chart powerful tools, powerful trades. Metastock pro trial no obligation trial offer download metastock free. The explorer, the expert advisor, and the system tester. It uses technical analysis to help traders take the guesswork out of trading by offering a methodical, systematic approach to selecting which securities to trade and when.

Our endofday charting software and data are specifically designed for the position or swing trader traders who need comprehensive but easy to use charts with clean, reliable data available for virtually every trading region. The oracle of her mind from arash dibazar trading forex. New to trading and investing, metastock data, sales, local support. Metastock remains the only charting software i use or recommend. What is the difference between endofday and realtime. Data services can also be purchased separately for metastock dc or rt from our shop page data. You can find out more about how to purchase metastock from the faqs section. Turtle traders system i was wondering if anyone has ever developed a metastock trading system based on the turtle trading system found at.

Metastock is the worlds leading technical analysis charting package and continues to be the benchmark for all other stock charting software programs. We understand the challenges you face as a new trader or investor. The course has online videos that cover the following. After using metastock for his own personal trading for 20 years since 1999, stuart decided to share his knowledge of the software and its formula language with other fellow metastock users so. At initial program installation, very professional support was provided, with. Products oracle traders metastock software experts. A darvas box is formed when the price of a currency pair surges past the the darvas box forex indicator is a trading strategy named after its inventor, nicholas darvas, who was by profession a ballroom dancer. The metastock traders kit options above are very popular discounted bundles which. Metastock in australia charting and trading software. Stock analysis software wont make you an investment plus overnight, but it improves your success in the market. Metastock equis software faqs learn about metastock here. Metastock problems with ice and trade oracle plug in need help. Metastock is the only trading analysis software you need, whether you are a novice or experienced trader, there is a solution from metastock to give an edge to your trading needs. Ive used a lot of software programs over the years and was considering metastock.

Trade oracle for metastock metastock traders resource. To start the conversion process, click on the start conversion button. He has been an active investor and trader using metastock for the past twenty years. Getting started with local data in metastock smart. The metastock program is a very powerful tool, allowing indepth investigation into the stock market in very quick time. This list contains a total of 19 apps similar to metastock. The very best trading software and support for share traders and investors. Suite 4, 16a station road rosanna victoria 3084 postal address. Founded in 1982, metastock is among the best selling trading analysis software in the world and the 26time winner of.

Oracle 7 consists of seven finely tuned scans that boost the power of metastock. The metastock download is a fully functional and reliable charting and technical analysis software package with benefits to suit traders of all levels. Because of our elite position in the individual investor marketplace, equis was acquired by thomson reutersthe worlds premier information provider. Metastock metastock in australia charting and trading. Oracle traders are proud to be the preferred authorised distributor of metastock in australia. Equis international, metastock forums, and a collection of trading magazines.

Day traders will appreciate the realtime data and news in metastock real time powered by refinitiv xenith. For both metastock dc daily charts and metastock rt real time you can either. After the process has finished you can use any program that supports metastock format to read the metastock files created by convert2database. Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out, there is a metastock software and. Metastock dc is the most popular metastock version for australian traders and investors. It has been 27 years in the making, it includes more power, more features, and more tools for traders of all levels. These scans have been specifically created for the australian share market. Metastock 16dc or 16rt can be purchased as stand alone software directly from our shop page software. If you dont own metastock, and you are considering purchasing it, contact oracle trader who support all smart trading clients and have a special package setup. Fully incorporating stateofthe art technology with easy to use functionality. Oracle corporation provides software and information technology products for onsite applications on customized hardware and software for cloudcomputing services. Finally able to pick up the parcel today, containing metastock 9 and trade oracle. The website is run by well known trader and author, stuart mcphee.

Please note a data service is required to use metastock. Spy glass market tollbox profittrader for metastock pro ets trading system trend medium metamarket plus ice 2. So on the next candle, we entered a long position at 1. And while you may want to start buying stock, there. Superior charting, powerful scanning, endless customization, and revolutionary backtesting and optimization make metastock rt xvii powered by metastock refinitiv xenith the best choice for the self directed trader. The 20time winner of the stocks and commodities readers choice award, metastock is a powerful analys. Every trader knows the only system that will work for them is their own. He has also spent the last twenty years in the retail stock market software and education industry where he has worked closely with industry professionals and gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. Metastock is a charting software tool for traders to analyze the markets.

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