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Egypt s winters are cool and mild, and its summers are hot. Cairo, egypt get the very latest weather forecast, including hourbyhour views, the 10day outlook, temperature, humidity, precipitation for your area. Egypt weather egypt climate egyptian weather askaladdin. With this in mind, the best time to book a nile cruise is between october and april. Past weather in cairo, egypt yesterday or further back. Cairo, city, capital of egypt, and one of the largest cities in africa. Egypt is your indepth guide to the very best of the oldest tourist destination on earth take day trips and excursions to see ancient pyramids, visit the monuments of the nile valley and the souks, mosques and madrassas of islamic cairo, experience local festivals and markets, and dont miss out on the delicious street food. Get the monthly weather forecast for cairo, cairo, egypt, including daily highlow, historical averages, to help you plan ahead.

Outside the areas of nile silt deposits, the nature of such cultivable soil as exists depends upon the availability of the water supply and the type of rock in the area. Based on weather reports collected during 19852015. The best times to visit cairo are from march to april and from october to november. Cairo, egypt 14 day weather forecast the weather network. Average weather in cairo egypt in cairo, the summers are long, hot, humid, arid, and clear and the winters are cool, dry, and mostly clear. Coasts of the mediterranean sea have subtropical weather conditions and the rest of territory is in arid zone. Cairo, egypt weather forecasts maps news yahoo weather. Find fast facts and detailed background information on egypt, americas longtime ally in the middle east. View images cairo, the capital of egypt, is one of the most populated cities in africa and the middle east. Egypt has an arid, desert climate and the weather in cairo is always warm, or hot, and the nights cool. If you want to see the rest of the countrys famous ruins and temples, one of the easiest ways to do so is to book a. The area in which cairo was built was home to many great cities in ancient egypt, and cairo is located near many of the major cultural sites of egypt, including the pyramids at. Cairo alqahirah, in arabic is egypt s capital and largest city. Find the most current and reliable 14 day weather forecasts, storm alerts, reports and information for cairo, eg with the weather network.

Below, car horns bellow tuneless symphonies amid avenues of faded 19thcentury grandeur while donkey carts. Cairo is the most populated city in egypt and its also the capital city. The weather in egypt is too hot for you to head to upper nile, and explore all the ruins in the sand. Find local weather forecasts for cairo, egypt throughout the world. In recent years the humidity has spread to cairo, and the city swelters in august.

What is the weather, climate and geography like in egypt. Cairo, cairo, egypt three day weather forecast accuweather. Egypt essentially has a hot desert climate koppen climate classification bwh. By the end of the fifteenth century, new trade routes had broken the citys monopoly on the spice trade, and in 1517 the ottoman sultan selim i r. The american university in cairo is also a wellrespected center of learning. Read cnns fast facts about egypt and learn more about the most populous country in the arab world. Your localized travel weather forecast, from accuweather, provides you with the tailored weather forecast that you need to plan your days activities. Cairo is chaos at its most magnificent, infuriating and beautiful. The climate is generally extremely dry all over the country except on the northern mediterranean coast which receives rainfall in winter. It is one of the largest cities in the world and it is the largest in africa. In the 1st century, the romans built the babylon fortress on the nile, the oldest structure in the city.

Throw out any preconceived notion you have of cairo or the rest of egypt. Across the river from cairo one can see the three large pyramids and sphinx at giza. Winter is mild with some rain, but usually, it is bright, sunny days with cold nights. The sultan hassan mosque and city skyline of cairo are seen from the muhammad ali. If you want to learn more about the islamic history of cairo and egypt, this market is a must. Beacons of tourism since the dawn of history, both egypt and its capital possess an enduring appeal.

During the summertime, sun protection is the most important single consideration for an egypt trip, especially for the fairskinned. Past weather in cairo, egypt yesterday and last 2 weeks. Winters are generally mild, with daytime temperatures in cairo averaging around 68 degrees f. Winter is mild with some rain, but usually it is bright, sunny days with cold nights.

Explore cairo holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Although the area has been settled for thousands of years, the city was founded in. Cairo international airport history started in the forties of the last century when the american bayn field airforce base was established five kilometers far from almaza airport to serve the alliance during the second world war. Cairo is the capital of egypt and the largest city in africa. Although the area has been settled for thousands of years, the city was founded in 969 ad. The egyptian summer is hot and dry in most of the country, and humid in the delta and along the mediterranean coast. Death toll at 21 as egypt storms, flooding enter 2nd day.

The area around presentday cairo, especially memphis that was the old capital of egypt, had long been a focal point of ancient egypt due to its strategic location just upstream from the nile delta. If you book or buy something through these links, i earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. From above, the distorted roar of the muezzins call to prayer echoes out from duelling minarets. The current capital, cairo, is located just south of where the river separates into the waterways of its delta, on the northern mediterranean coast. Cairo, cairo, egypt travel weather forecast accuweather. You can experience egypt s contemporary culture while also visiting the ancient sites of giza and saqqara. Without the nile river, all of egypt would be desert. It was founded in 2,000 bc and ruled by king menes who united upper and lower egypt. Cairo ap thunderstorms and flooding around egypt entered a second day friday, interrupting daily life in much of the country, including the capital cairo, as the death toll rose to 21, authorities said. Cairo, egypt 14 day weather forecast time and date. Get your 3day weather forecast for cairo, cairo, egypt. But in this travel guide, i tried to incorporate all my firsthand observations and experiences from my last visit to egypt read about it here. Forecast for the coming week for cairo, shown in an hourbyhour graph.

Get the latest coronavirus covid19 updates for egypt with current travel advice, statistics and online resources below are average maximum temperatures at popular destinations in egypt for next month may. Cairo has stood for more than 1,000 years on the same site on the banks of the nile, primarily on the eastern shore, some 500 miles 800 km downstream from the aswan high dam. Cairo is the capital of the north african country of egypt. Exploring the street markets of cairo, egypt expat explore. The nile delta of egypt, irrigated by the nile river and its many distributaries, is some of the richest farm land in the world and home to over half of egypt s population. Select a destination to see the climate guide for all months of the year. Averages are for cairo airport, which is 11 miles from cairo. Facts about the holy city of cairo, egypt national geographic. Most of the country is desert, so about 95% of the population is concentrated in a narrow strip of fertile land along the nile river, which represents only about 5% of egypt s land area. Egypt is the most populous country in the arab world and the third most populous country in africa, behind nigeria and ethiopia. Its located in cairo s islamic area and dates back all the way to 82. Cairo is known as being a very densely populated city as well as being the center of egypt s culture and politics. It is located along the river nile near the delta, about 165 km from the mediterranean sea. The mohammad ali mosque in cairo, egypt sits at the top of the citys citadel.

Cairo has its roots in the ancient settlement of memphis, now 24km 15 miles southwest of the city. All in the hope to encourage further generations of travelers to visit the amazing country on the nile. There is no amount of reading that will prepare you for a visit to any part of egypt. The capital city of cairo lies at the apex of the delta in the middle of the scene.

Just southwest of cairo, a patch of giza desert offers nothing less than the seventh wonder of the ancient world in. Weather todaytomorrow hourbyhour forecast 14 day forecast yesterdaypast weather climate averages cairo extended forecast with high and low temperatures f. Egypts desert climate limits most vegetation to the nile valley and delta and the oases. Average monthly temperatures and weather for cairo, egypt. This location coincides roughly with what has historically been seen as the transition between upper southern egypt and lower northern egypt. Because tourism industry is the bread and butter of egypt, tourists are targeted with many things unlike what is found in other countries. Due to the pleasant weather, march to april and october to. In addition, the air is so dry that pages fall out of books because the bindings fail. Egypt culture and traditions facts values of egypt. There is no other city like cairo, that offers such history and heritage, a rich community and culture, and mystique that has intrigued the world for thousands of years. Africa egypt the world factbook central intelligence agency. For example, in december 20, cairo received a single overnight snowfall for the first. The vast desert west of the nile extends into libya. Starting in the second half of the fourteenth century, cairo experienced a decline, beginning with the scourge of the black death 48 and other epidemics.

Egypt s national carrier egyptair said that 85 percent of flights are proceeding normally, adding in a statement on thursday afternoon that the bad weather has only caused slight delays. Includes monthly temperatures, rainfall, hours of sunshine and relative humidity. However, the origins of the modern city are generally traced back to a series of settlements in the first millennium. Over the centuries it has been rules by the pharaohs of ancient egypt, romans, turks, french and british. These fun facts about egypt are great to read before you travel there, to help you prepare for a quiz or to use in your school project. Almost onethird of the total land surface of egypt consists of nubian sandstone, which extends over the southern sections of both the eastern and western deserts. At least six children died either from electrocution or when their houses collapsed on. Cairo offers the best of all worlds for those on a whistlestop tour.

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